Welcome to The SASEC Village -- a portal funded by the South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Information Highway Project in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal. The main goal of the project is to set up high speed Internet access Community e-Centers (CeCs) in more than 100 villages, which will bring improved distance education, telemedicine, electronic mail, social networking, and e-commerce opportunities to the villagers.



ICT Division :

In 2002,the name of the ministry was changed from Scienc and Technology to Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology.To give more thrust for ICT sector the Division hs upgraded as Ministry of Inforamtion & Communication Technology on 04/12/2011.The change is the evidence of understanding of the importance of ICT from the highest policy level and also an indication that the government is keen to keep pace with modern changing world.After that on 10/02/2014 Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication and Ministry of UCT are integrated to Ministry of Posts,Telecommunication and Inforamtion Techonology.From 10/02/2014 Ministry of ICT starts as a ICT Division.The change has brought new life to the activities of Information & Communication Technology Division.

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC):

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Government of Bangladesh (GOB).  It was established by Act No IX of 1990 passed by the Parliament. The main activities are (not limited to) encouraging and providing support for ICT related activities, formulating national ICT strategy and policy, creating standards and specifications of ICT tools for government organizations according to their necessity, working for human resource development in ICT sector. It has also established National Data Center for hosting all the government websites, e-mail services and web applications. It is the only TIER – 3 certified Government Data Center in Bangladesh. In the near future, it will act as the only Gateway to access internet services for all of the government organizations. BCC is continuing ICT infrastructure development of government through several development projects/programs to facilitate access to government services from root level. In this vision, BCC has organized workshops, seminars, training on subjects related to ICT and has established throughout the country UISC (Union Information and Service Center) and CeCs (Community e-Centers).